Dr. Mackie has a true eye for detail when it comes to assessing and analyzing orthodontic and dentofacial orthodpedic issues.

After completing 3 years of post-graduate education Dr. Mackie combines his experience in the field of general dentistry and orthodontics to provide a unique approach to comprehensive treatment planning when customizing your orthodontic journey that is inclusive of your entire dental health.

Dr. Mackie is passionate about using new technologies that have proven track records, and an extensive backing of science based research to ensure your orthodontic treatment is optimal and stable long term.

Dr. Mackie has received a number of academic accolades such as graduated summa cum laude from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran, and membership in Iran’s National Elites Foundation.

  • Dr. Amin Mackie DDS, MSc Originally from Iran
    2012 DDS
  • Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
  • Private Practice in General Dentistry
    2017 MSc in Orthodontics
  • Azad University of Isfahan
  • Canadian Certified