Achieving the most optimal orthodontic results: creating neuromuscular functional bites through precision design and treatment planning

Precision Design: What we focus on

  • Idealizing Tooth Position: Providing the the most aesthetic results while idealizing individualized tooth position for overall function and support.
  • Optimal Biting Forces and Protection: Ensuring bite forces are balanced to help protect the teeth and supporting structures from wear, and breakdown.
  • Muscular Balance: Normalizing musculature function for overall optimal health.
  • Jaw Joint Health: Reduce and minimizes stress on the TMJs to help prevent long-term issues like clicking, popping, and headaches associated with TMJ dysfunction.

Our neuromuscular functional approach to orthodontic treatment transcends traditional tooth alignment. It’s about creating beautiful smiles while safeguarding oral health. Consider a more holistic approach to orthodontic treatment — it’s not just about straight teeth; it’s about a healthier, happier you.